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\ns 1 1 ;j : 



Blood and Gore 
Intense Violence 
Sexual Themes 
Strong Language 
Use of Drugs 


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Safety Information 


About Photosensitive Seizures 

A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to 

certain visual images, including flashing lights or patterns thai may appeal in 

video games. Even people who have no history of seizures or epilepsy mav 
have an undiagnosed condition that can cause these "photosensitive epileptic 

whilewacching video games. 

These seizures may have a variety of symptoms including: lightheadedness, 
altered vision, eye or face rwitchir faking of arms or leg 

cation, contusion, or momentary loss of awareness. Seizures mav also cause loss 
Of consciousness or convulsions (hat can lead to injury from falling down oi 
striking nearby objects. 

I in mediately stop playing and consult a doctor if you expe r ience any of these 
symptoms. Parents should watch tor or ask their children 

symptoms - children and teenagers are more likely than adults to experience 
these seizures. 

Hie risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures may be reduced by sitting farther 
trom the television screen, using a smaller television screen, playing in a well-lit 
room, and not playing when you are drowsy or fatigued. 

If you or any of your relatives have a history of seizures or epilepsy, consult a 

doctor before playing* 

Other Important Health and Safety Information The Xbox Instruction 
Manual contains important safety and health information that you should read 
and understand before using thi.s software. 

Avoid Damage to Your Television 

Do not use with certain televisions. Some television., espci tally front or 
tged if any video games, including 

games, arc played on them. Static images presented during the normal course of 
game play may "burn in" to the screen, causing t permanent shadow of the 
static image to appear at all times, even when video games arc not being plavcd. 
Similar damage may occur from static images created when placing a video game 
on hold or pause. Consult your television owner's manual to determine if video 
games can he safely played safely on your set. Il you are unable to find tins 
information in the owner's manual, contact your television dealer or the 
manufacturer CO determine if video games can be played safely on your set. 

Unauthorized copying* reverse engineering, transmission, public performance, 
rental, pay for play, or circumvention of copy protection is strictly prohibited. 

Table of Kontents 


The Story 3 

Main Menu 4-5 

Kontrols 6-7 

Character/ Arena Select 8 

Single Player HUD 9 

Versus HUD 10 

Liu Kang 11 

Kung Lao 12 

Kombat 13-14 

Non-Kombat Abilities 15-16 

Character Health 17 

Kombat Weapons 18 

Kombat Weapons/Fatalities 19 

Experience System 20 

Pick-Up Items/Abilities 21 

Kredits 22-24 

Warranty 26 


The Story 


In the final battle of the first Mortal Kombat tournament, Liu 
Kang defeated Shang Tsung and saved Earthrealm from domina- 
tion. But in the confusion of a mysterious earthquake, Shang 
Tsung and his fellow conspirators escaped through a portal to 
Outworld. Kung Lao, who had been posing as a Masked Guard, 
helped his fellow Shaolin Monk escape the crumbling island. Liu 
Kang and his allies narrowly escaped with their lives. 

When they returned home, the Wu Shi Academy was invaded by 
Baraka and his Tarkatan horde in an attempt to defy the rules 
of Mortal Kombat and take Earthrealm by force. Although the 
Shaolin Monks fended off the invasion, Raiden sensed a deeper 
conspiracy and urged the Shaolin Monks to 
defeat Shang Tsung in Outworld. Will they 
succeed? Or will they succumb to Shang 
Tsung's evil plot? 


Main Menu 

Single Player 

Select single Player to stan one-playei 
game and begin your adventure. 


Select Ko-op to pl.iy wilh a friend. 
Bach player lakes control of one of the 
heroes. As you advance through the 
game, you'll work as a team to defeat 
your enemies. 

Versus Mode 

Select this option to play against a friend (or enemy). You'll go right to the 
CharaCtei Select Screen (see Character/ Are.n.1 Sele. 1 [a you'V< 

selected .1 character, you'll square 6fl against each other in one ol the various 
arenas in the game. 

Load Game 

You can use this option to access the memory card and load a previously saved 
game. This option will read the memory unit or hard disk and automatically 
load the game data. You will be prompted if no loadable game data is found. 

fctalfi: If your Xhox Memory Unit (MU) or hard disk includes .1 saved game is 
inserted alter you boot up, you'll need to use this option to load your saved game. 



Use this option to adjust the game's brightness levels. Read on-screen instruc- 
tions to make the adjustments. 


This option allows you to study (he controller layout. 


Press the D-pad * or* to make volume adjustments to Music, Sound Effects 
and Speech. 


For Versus Mode, you can make adjustments to a few gameplay options. 

VS Rounds - You can decide how many rounds you'll need to win in order lo 
determine the winner of a match. Choose 1. or 2 rounds. 

VS Match Time - You can set the timer limit to 122 or JJLQ seconds, or you can 
set it to Infinity to play without a time limit. 

Camera Control - Choose between Normal .incl Inverted Camera Control. 



Select this option to see Arena images and stories. 

Concept Art 

View an array of Mortal (Combat: Shaolin Monks concept art. 


The Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks game includes a selection of movies. 


View some Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks photos. 

Mortal Kombat II 

Play the Original version of Mortal Kombat II. 


See those who worked day and night to bring you Mortal Kombat: Shaolin 

Note : The following may not be available right away, but they can be unlocked 
as you progress through the game. 


PlUSC Menu/Options 



Fatality Input 

Mmim.ip Control 

Camera Control 


Change Camera 

Mode (click) 


Fatality Attack 

Basic Movement and Navigation 

The left thumbstick controls all basic movement. The left thumbstick defaults 
CO basic walking and running movements. The Walk Speed increases or 
decreases depending on the left thumbstick's distance from neutral. When 
used in conjunction with other buttons or scenarios, the left thumbstick can 
control oilier more advanced navigation duties. 

Camera Control 

Clicking the right thumbstick toggles three different camera modes: Normal. 
Close .Hid Panoramic. In Normal mode, use the righl thumbstick to look around 


Pressing the © button in any style or mode will execute a basic jump. 
Jumping and using the left thumbstick will allow the player some limited con- 
trol of the path that the jump lakes, even after the player has left the ground. 
(For other Jumping controls, see Non-Kombat Abilities, pg. 15-16.) 

Kombat Kontrols - Without Weapon 

Pressing the © button will perform a basic low power/fast executing strike. 
These attacks do the least amount of damage, but they're the fastest in execu- 
tion and recovery. 


Pressing the © button will perform a basic medium power/medium speed 
attack that will launch an opponent into the air. If already in the air. iliis attack 
will "re-launch" the character even higher. 


Pressing the © button will perform a high power/slow executing attack. 
Power attacks normally ground or knock-back an opponent if contacted. 




Character/Arena. Select 


Pressing the © button will activate the throw/grapple attack. This button also 
doubles as the weapon pick-up/throw button. 

Enemy Manipulation 

Hold the O trigger and press the © button to grab an opponent. You can then 
take control and use them as a human shield and perform attacks. You can later 
upgrade the manipulation abilities and gain more attacks out of manipulation. 

Special Attacks 

Holding the O trigger along with one of the three attack buttons will execute 
the Special Attack associated with that button. The Special Attacks maintain 
the properties of their parent button for ease of understanding (all Q - © 
attacks will launch an opponent, all O + © attacks are fast, low damage 
attacks that hit multiple times, etc.) 


II you hold O trigger (Lock-On), you will block any incoming attacks. When 
you block, you'll lose some of your energy meter. If you have no energy avail- 
able, your block will be broken. 


Pressing the O trigger will lock the player's point of view on the closest 
enemy the character is facing. Using the left thumbstick while Lock-On is acti- 
vated will allow the player to strafe left and right without diverting his atten- 
tion from this main adversary. The main character will circle the opponent a set 
distance while strafing in this way. Use the right thumbstick to change focus 
to a different enemy. 


Holding the d trigger while pressing the © button will allow the player to 
perform an evade in any direction, dependent upon the left thumbstick input. 

Multi-Directional Attacking 

This system allows you to attack in any direction at any time, freely linking 
any move into any other move. Once an attack has been thrown, the system 
will lake over. Pressing the left thumbstick in any direction (while continuing 
the flow of attacks) will attack in that direction without changing the player's 
orientation. This allows the player to instantly attack an enemy in a full 360- 
degree area around the main character. 

Fatality Attack 

The O button and the D-pad are used in conjunction to input a Fatality. See 
Fatalities, pg. I". Kombal (pgs. I S- 14) and Abilities (pgs. 15- 
16) for more gameplay details. 




At the Character Select screen, highlight 
an available tighter, then press the © but- 
ton to make ,i selection. Player 1 selects 
using the blue highlight. Player 2 selects 
using red. To randomly select a fighter, 
press the © button. 

The Character Select screen is different for 
Versus and Single Player mode. This 
screen shol represents Versus mode, hav- 
ing more characters available than Single 
Player mode. 

At the Arena Select screen, highlight an 
available arena, then press the © button 
to make a selection. To randomly select ,in 
Arena, press the © button. 

Stats Menu 

During a Single Player game, press the O 
button io view the Slats Menu. Il lets you 
browse through a collection of stals accu- 
mulated as your adventure progresses. 
On-screen instructions show you how io 
browse through the different screens. 

You can also use your collected Experience 
Points to purchase Specials and Kombos 
(see Experience System, pg. 20). 

The Moves screen allows you lo view the various moves you've acquired >is 
you progress. 

Single Player HUD 

Versus HUD 

Energy Meter 

Enemy Health 

Health Meter 

In Single Player and Versus mode, the Health Meter in the upper portion of 
the screen measures a warrior's diminishing Health. The meter begins each 
round reflecting Health ,ii 100%, but the amount of Health is reduced with 
each blow taken. The reduction amount depends on the type of attack and 
whether or not it was blocked. 

Energy Meter 

Press the O trigger to use your energy and perform a Special Move. Special 
Moves are available once you fill your Special Move meter. Once used, the 
meter will diminish as you perform special moves, blocking, long jumps and 
evades. It will then recharge. 

Fatality Meter 

The Fatality Meter is an on-screen indicator that stores the ability to perform 
three levels of Fatalities: Fatality.. Multality and Brutality . 

The meter has these three levels of charge. As each level is filled, a more pow- 
erful set of Fatalities becomes available. 

Each Level of Fatality affects a different number of opponents, starling with 
one opponent being killed on the Fatality level. The Multality level will let 
vou kill multiple enemies around you, while the Brutality level will put you 
in a Rage mode and kill as many enemies as possible in a certain amount of 

Enemy Health Meter 

As w.u battle an enemy or Boss, their Health Meier will appear near the bot- 
tom of the screen. 

Experience Points 

These points are gained by killing enemies. Once acquired, you can use the 
points to purchase upgrades from the Stats Menu (see pg. 8). 



Power Ups 
Kombo System 

Round Timer 

Health and Special Move meters appear the same as described on the previ- 
ous page. The Versus HUD includes Power Up and Victory Markers . 

Round Timer 

By default, each round has a Round Timer. If the time is up before either kom- 
b. lt.ini has been defeated, the warrior with fewer injuries is declared the vic- 
tor. The winner takes the match and moves on to the next opponent. 

Victory Markers 

Each lime a fighter wins a round, a Victory Marker is earned. The first fighta 
to earn two (in the default setting) wins the match and is declared the victor. 


As you find Power Ups, they'll appear within the Power-Up markers. They'll 
appear until you use them. You can hang on to as many as 4 different Power Ups. 
Power-Ups are automatically used for a limited amount of time. 

Kombo System (Single Player Also) 

When playing in Single Player or Versus mode, the Kombo System is an on- 
screen visual display of attacks that have been performed in a kombo. The ben- 
efit of the Kombo System is not only to show feedback to the player but to also 
act as the primary impetus for Fatalities. If an enemy is contacted while there 
is still lime on the meter, the meter will refresh and the kombo will continue. 

For more information on the Kombo System, see pg. 14. 


Liu Kang 

Fighting Styles 

Having been trained in the Shaolin 
Temples. Liu Kang utilizes styles of I 
Shaolin Animal Kung Fu and Jeet Kun ' 
Do. Liu Kang generally prefers to light . 
hand to hand, though he does possess I he- 
ability to focus fire into various weapons, I 
usually projectiles, as well as take t In- 
form of a dragon. 

Formerly with the White Lotus Society. Liu Kang earned the right to represent 
the Shaolin in the Mortal Kombat tournament. The thunder god Raiden knew 
that Shang Tsung's forces could not be overthrown by a lone warrior and 
helped Liu Kang to forge an alliance with other competitors. With their aid. he 
defeated the sorcerer and saved Earthrealm from domination. 

Attack Type Attack Style 





Jeet Kun Do 


Choy Lay Fut 



Kung Lao 

The Mortal Kombat tournament was Kung Lao's only opportunity to bring 
honor to his fallen ancestors. But when he did not receive the approval of the 
Shaolin to represent them, he disguised himself as a Masked Guard and 
waited for his moment to strike at the sorcerer Shang Tsung. During the final 
battle, Kung Lao joined Liu Kang and his newfound allies as they did battle 
against the forces of evil. 

Fighting Styles 

Kung Lao shares a similar background as 
Liu Kang. but his fighting styles are quite 
different. Kung Lao not only utilizes 
deadly striking arts such as Mantis and 
Shaolin Fist, but is also loud ol using his 
bladed hat to slice his enemies. 

Attack Type Attack Style 


Praying Mantis 





Shaolin Fisl 


White Lotus 




Attack Style 

All of the attacks of the main characters are buili 
around an AjJacis_S_tvJe: system. Each Attack 
Style corresponds to a particular attack button, 
which then represents a particular kombal prop- 
erty. All attacks or moves coming from a button 
follows the properties of its main attribute, mak- 
ing the acquisition of any new attacks or 
upgrades very easy to pick up. 

For example, the O button represents the 
I aunch Attack. All attacks or abilities that come 
from this button will in some way launch the 
enemy into the air on a successful attack. 

The main characters each have their own unique 

Attack Styles thai are derived from their individual personalities. 

Style/Property List 

All of these attacks .ire fast, low damage strikes. Special attacks from this attack 
type will normally hit multiple times or execute extremely quickly. 

I .lunch Attacks 

All attacks from the character's Launch Attack will pop-up an enemy into the 
air for juggle kombos. 

All Power Attacks are slow attacks of great power. Generally Power Attacks 
are single attacks or small strings of slow attacks. 

Throw/Grapple Attacks 

This attack category contains any attack that throws or holds an opponent. 

Get-Up Attacks 

Gel-Ups allow a player to recover quickly from a knockdown and rise with an 
attack. Press any attack button while on the ground to perform this attack. 

Ground Techs 

Press the © button while you're on the ground to perform a Ground Tech. 

Air Techs 

Air Techs are mid-air recovery moves. Press the © button while in the air to 
perform (his move. 




Kombo System 

String Kombos 

Siring kombos are sequences ol attacks linked 

logether on .1 series of attack button inputs. 

They're present in most types of kombat. In 

addition to single direction Siring Kombos, _ 

Siring Kombos can be created by utilizing the multi-directional attack system. 

For example, when surrounded, attacks can be strung together by attacking 

with one attack to the left, one to the right and two to the from. 

Sequence Kombos 

A Sequence Kombo is a pre-planned kombo built between attack bullon 
presses to often perform unique animations, effects and or properties. This 
adds special properties or unique reactions specific to this type of kombo. This 
includes selling an enemy on fire, popping the enemy into the air (higher than 
normal) or hurling an enemy away with greater force. It can also cause the 
player to automatically follow the enemy into the air after a launch attack, 
making Air Kombat a breeze. If you perform certain Sequence Kombos. you'll 
often find Kill Strike attacks. These attacks are often buried 2-3 hits into a 
Sequence Kombo to visually reward you when you perform them correctly. 

Juggle Kombos 

A Juggle Kombo is a scries ol hits levied on an airborne opponent thai has been 

"launched" or "popped up" b> the main character's .mack. Juggle kombos can 
be mixed between attack buttons just like String Kombos. Anytime an enemy 
is in ihe air, the main character can altempt to juggle him with most any attack. 

Kill Strikes 

i ertain .macks aci as Kil l Strikes . If a Kill Strike lands on an enemy, a special 
Kill Reaction will be triggered. 

Air Kombat 

Nou i. m toss an enemy inio the air and then 

jump into the air to continue your kombo. 
v. u can ihrow them away, or toss them back 
down lo the ground. 

Body Splits 

Body Splits cause the body to break into J 
pieces through attacks or background hazards. 


Evades allow you to be resistant to damage as you avoid attacks and pressure. 




Non-Kombat Abilities 




Ledge Grab 

The Ledge Grab is available by default <ind allows you 10 grab onto and hang 
from a ledge. This helps in difficult platforming areas. You can hang for any 
amount of time and then flip up to the ledge you're hanging from. The flip 
places you in an air slate, allowing all air-based abilities to be used (useful for 
attacking enemies standing on the ledge). 

The following Non-Kombat abilities must be acquired as you progress through 
the game: 

Wall Jump 

When acquired, you can leap off of walls in the background to cither reach 
extremely high levels or io sel up ^^ attack. This ability is very useful when in 
.1 narrow, chimney-like area that is too high to navigate. The Wall Jump is acti- 
vated by pressing the © button when near a wall. 

Wall Climb 

You can dig into many solid objects and climb in 8 directions when this abili- 
ty is gained. This is especially effective when combined with the other naviga- 
tion abilities described in this section. Climbable walls are visually different 
from the surrounding wall textures. Simply contacting a climbable surface will 
(rigger this ability. Pressing the © button will allow you to leap from the wall 
to levy an attack on foes below or to leap from climbable surface to climbable 

Non-Kombat Abilities 


Wall Run 

The Wall Run allows you the limited ability to run along vertical or horizon- 
tal surfaces for several feet before returning to the ground. Press the E> trig- 
ger when pushing into a wall to perform the Wall Run. If you press straight 
toward the wall, you'll wall run up. If you press at an angle, you'll run along 
the wall. 


If you come in contact with a limb, pole, or other small platform, you can grab 
it with one hand and swing around. Releasing at the right moment will allow 
you to flip up to higher areas or to levy an attack on an opponent. Once you'n 
swinging, press the © button to release. 

Long Jump 

The Long Jump is a low jump that travels ,r great horizontal distance. This 
jump is useful for clearing very wide ravines or pits. Press the O trigger • © 
button to perform a Long Jump. 

Double Jump 

The Double Jump adds an extra jump height on top of the current Jump I his 
can be used io allow access to a new area that is too high to traverse to with 
the normal Jump. The Double Jump also resets the air Stale, allowing bigger 
and better kombos to become possible. Press the © button, then press ii again 

while you're in the air. 

Fist of Ruin 

When this attribute is obtained, the "power' style of each character gains the 
ability in destroy huge background objects, such as boulders, or to knock over 
trees and pillars to create pathways. This attribute allows you to destros the 
Shadow Priest statues. 




Character Health 


Each character has a Health Meter governs their ability to sustain damage. 
This meter can be refilled in two ways: through Kombat and Pick-Ups. 

Note: In 2-Player mode both characters share one Health Meter. 

Healing in Kombat 

When you defeat an enemy, you'll gain back some of your lost health. 

Healing Through Pick-Ups 

Through adventuring the player may discover Pick-Up items that instantly 
restore a set amount of health. These items win be dropped from enemies or can 
be found in breakable objects. 

Save System 

Saving the game can be accomplished by visiting designated Save Points or 
areas. The Save Points are displayed like glowing statues and are scattered 
throughout the game. 

Using a Save Point 

I poll entering .1 Save Point and activating the save device to trigger a save, the 
player will be given the option to Save or Over write a previous file. Press the 
• button to save at the statue. 

Save Game Data 

Saving the game at a designated Save Point stores information regarding the 
location, character's name and the percentage of progress and time. 




Kombat Weapons 


Finding and Using Weapons 

Acquiring .1 weapon comes about in several ways. Weapons may be a part of a 
level, such as in the Armory, or may be scattered on the ground in a battlefield. 

When a weapon is found, get close then press the • button to pick it up. This 
weapon can now be used until its maximum endurance has been exceeded, ai 
which point it breaks. Weak, wooden weapons may break alter only .1 few hits. 
Press the © button at any time to throw the weapon (some weapons will per- 
form an Impale when thrown). Gelling knocked down by an attack will also 
cause the weapon to be dropped. 

Weapon Uses 

Kombat Usage 

Weapons in kombat lake on the properties of their parent button. Fot instance 
■ ill weapons when used with the © billion will cms,- .1 launch 01 pop up 
attack while a © button attack will be a low damage, quick hltti 
Pressing the © button will throw or drop the held weapon, in general. 
weapons add either Increased Damage or Increased Range, sometimes both. In 
some special cases, weapons can gram additional attributes to the \\ ielder. 
The Impale is a powerful attack that contains a Damage OverTimccomp in 

You can choose to impale an enemy with a weapon. AI thai point, yOUl '>|>|H' 
neni will continue to bleed until the weapon's endurance is drained 01 on 
opponent dies. 

Impales refresh the Kombo Meier .11 each lick of damage. This makes ,1 well 
thought out Impale attack a great tool in the hunt lor larger kombos. Impales 
are performed in kombat by pressing the © butlon while .1 weapon is held. 
This will throw the weapon in the direction the player is facing (or at the 
Locked On large! if one is selected). A successful executes an Impale. 

Non-Kombat Usage 

Weapons can also be used as puzzle progressing items or as scenario items. 1 or 
instance, you may need to find a large hammer to bash down .1 door that is 
impassable, or you may need to use a sword or axe to slice through spider 
webs or ropes. 



Kombat Weapons/Fatalities 

Weapon Classes 

Weapons arc broken up into different classes, with each class sharing die same 
animation sei. Here are the classes: 


f Two Handed Blades 

I Handed Blades if 

Includes 1 handed weapons such as Swords, 1 handed axes 
and daggers. 



Includes any multi-handed weapons, such as Dual Short 
Swords, Escrima Sticks and Dual Daggers. 

Projectile Weap ons 

This class includes skulls, heads and rocks. 


Fatality Controls 

The Fatality inputs utilize the D-pad and a single button press (this button is 
determined by the Level of fatality that is being input: Fatality = © button, 
Mullality = O button and Brutality = © button). 

Fatality Mode 

Pressing the O button initiates the Fatality Attack. This attack can be done 
anytime there is at least one Level of Fatality Meter stored (see Single Play er 
HUP, pg- 9). If this attack hits an enemy, all the action on the screen will 
freeze. The main character will prepare to perform the fatality, and a hidden 
input timer begins to lick down once the input prompts appear on the screen. 

Fatalities and the Kombo System 

The Fatality System is heavily intertwined with the Kombo System, playing off 
of each other to form the basis of this Mortal Kombat staple. Each hit in a kombo 
is modified through different factors, and the totals are added to a Fatality Meier. 
Any attacks that arc connected Inn are not within a kombo add no Fatality Meter. 
Each type of attack (Quick, Launch, Power, Grapple or Special) is worth a par- 
ticular amount of Fatality Meter if performed within a kombo. 


Experience System 


The Experience System is designed to award you with new abilities, stat 

Gaining Experience Points 

Defeating enemies is the primary means of acquiring Experience Points. Each 
enemy class in the game has a certain number of base points associated with 
it. Weaker grunt type enemies have the fewest and boss encounters reward the 
most. Modifiers can further increase these amounts. 

' Kombo Modifiers 

During a Kombo (see Kombo System , pg. 14) any enemies are killed add 
a bonus to the experience points. The total number of enemies killed at the end 
o! i lit- kombo is multiplied by the total experience normally gained and ilns 
new amount is then applied to the players Experience Poini total. 

Note: Every 10 kombo hits and enemy kills will add to a multiplier thai mill 
liplies your experience poinis. 

Fatality Modifiers 

Killing an enemy with a Fatality raises the amount ol Experience i' s gained 

Using Experience Points 

Experience Poinis are used lo upgrade the Bask Komkii. Special An.nks and 
Misc. Abilities. Each has a number of upgrades possible. s\ n h each successive 
attack or ability becoming more and more powerful. 

Upgrading Kombat 

Upgrading Kombat lets you unlock more and belter Sequence Kombos or addi- 
tional attacks. For example, you can start with a Sequence Kombo by pressing 
O. ©. ©. After leveling up iir ibis manner, it unlocks .in additional © button 
attack at the end that sets the enemy on fire. 

Upgrading Special Attacks 

Upgrading special attacks works exactly the same as upgrading Basic (Combat 

Pick-Up System 

The Pick-Up system allows you to gain gameplay progressing abilities or abil- 
ities thai influence gameplay directly. 

Pick-Up Item Acquisition 

Pick-Up abilities are acquired In [licking up items thai bestow their abiliiies 
upon ihe character or by accomplishing a gameplay lock, such as defeating a 
boss character. 


Pick-Up System/Abilities 

Below is a listing of Pick-Up items and abilities that the player can gain: 

Non-Kombat Abilities 

Some "platforming" abilities are gained after defeating a boss. 

Special Attacks 

When you begin playing, you'll have only three Special Attacks. Acquiring the 
rest is accomplished by upgrading the Special Attack. 

Fatality Inputs 

Fatality Inputs are uncovered through many means, and the Pick-Up system 
being only one of I hem. 

Collection System 

Similar to the Pick-Up System, the Collection System allows you access to 
upgrades that will modify your character or unlock hidden features. Rewards 
are noi required at any lime to progress the game, they are simply an addi- 
tional level of goals and rewards for you lo experience. 

Commodities - Collection and Usage 

There are chances to acquire items thai arc- used as .1 gauge to unlock special 
Features such as additional costumes, hidden characters, etc. These objects-can 
be found by uncovering secrets, they can be gained from completing scenarios, 
or can simply be found in areas off the beaten path. Here arc .1 some of the 
coins you'll find within the game: 

on Koin (Flames) 
Gives Platform Ability (Long Jump & Wall Run). 

Bos? Kojn 
Jff Contains a Platform Ability 

Yellow, Green ;-,- Blue Koins 

Yellow (Experience), Blue (Special Energy) & Green (Health) 

Gold KQin 

It opens Concept Art. Ii can be obtained by shooting a spei ial 

projectile attack. 

SjiffejaJLKoiB (Red) 
Gives Fatality 

Midway Games, Inc. 
Executive Producer & Creative Director 

Ed Boon 

Art Directors 

Sieve Bcran ir t..m\ Gosklc 


Shaun lliimncrick 

Midway - San Oiego 


Gabriel Vale 
Associate- Prnriiiec r 
Hans LO 

Jaime Beneia 
Mortal Kombat Team - Los Angeles 


Lead Dcc ipnrrs 
Adam Punt & John Edw 1 
rwo-Plavpr De>igner 

I like While 

Level DeMgnCB 
I McDonald. Paul Edwards, Mike Bilodeo 

,ra Designer 

Hn'.lie HI. 1. h 
s... ■ . VU-mi I,.--. ;,,.-, 

Earl Bci Fni-my/fharanir D,^i t n 

Addiimpa.l_LH.etu Pcalgn 

Onvu Kend 

1 cad Programmer 
David Cau 

Graphic \ Sy Mem Pr ogramme r 
Peter Jcffcries t. Pa 

Game Pri'g.i'itmer. 
Ben Kulcher. Romalis Taylor & David Gaul 

[«.. -Player Programmer. 
John I 

SmejivLEr ogrammm 

Ed Ma, Vanbing Chen. Kjussimir Simeonov 8- Jim Leilenn.i'i 

rlra Doudian, i tun I 

Lead Character Artist 

Mark Lappin 

Charac ter Art ier 


Damon Dubois 

Joel Payne & Richie Romero 

Wendy Davta 

Front End Artwork 

fell Godfrey, David Cheng &Taka .hi Maisulura 

Bruno Velazquez 

Kvung Hee Kellv Shon & Scung Young Lee 





A/V ImplcmfnliHioo 

"lodd Pipcri 
Production Support 

Edwin DcN'icholas 
System Adminsuaioi 

Tom McGuirc 

Gregory Smith & Ed Hendricks 

Knsiin Burbldge 

Technical Dlreetnr J 

David Oilman 

Art Director 
Paul Ititcrrante 

Etojluuianjjitccr o - 

James Maxwell 

Pjicrtor gt &Dcr«iiviv, 

leresa Chang 


Christine Hmi 

Mortal Kombat Team - Chicago 

Motion Capture and Animations 

OS i'r i. r- -'. v Zeffiro, Rick Chase b John Vogel 

Audio J^«d 
Dan Forden 

MusisvJitta;i5 oji.U5r>c«h 

Chase Ashbak.-r, Rich < arte. Brtan Chard S Vlncc Poniarclli 

Ad.diiional ah dm 


MUSlC Composition on-OWWine rinem.siir 

Soundelux Design Music Group 

Additional Torhnl cal Supp ort 

loo Grccnberg 6- Alan Villani 


V. Pav KovacK 

Additional Art Su pport 

Mike Taran. Joe Floret. Herman Sanchez & Jennifer Hc.ln.i. 

Cinematics Manager 

Jon McClenahan 

Cinematic Dlrreto r 

Marly Slolt/ 

Roger Bcrroncs. Paul Chamnankit. Rick Chase. Won Jun Cho. Sam Crider, Chuck Emsi. Jim Gentile 

Chuck Gluslandi Aaron Mail, Jin Jang. Angie Lai.Tonv LewclUvi, Greg Mitchell. Rick O'Meara. 

Ty Priinos.ii. vincc I'nsi'. m.iii foyior, Tony Zemro 


James Kruegcr 

Slojrv Smipua 

John Vogel. Jon Grccnberg & Alexander Barren tine 

Add Ml.ProdlH tio" Slllljiort 

John Podlatck, Paulo Garcia. Brian lebaron. Mark Smith 6- Warren Wilkes 

IPfalhOltlnn Syppnn 

Samuel Peterson. Glaze & Clermonl M.ltlnn 

Voice Talent 

English • Adam Hern indc*. Ben, Belli Mclewski. Brian Chard, Bryan Bode. Chase Ashbakcr. 

Dan Bakkedahl. Dan Forden. Darrel Christian. David Allen. Ed Boon, Robert Keating, Herman 

Sanchez. Jarod Prano. Jin Kim. Joe Yau, Johanna Anonuevo, Lita Lopez. Man Chapman, Max 

Crawford, Rich Carle. Richard O'Meara, Rigo Cone/., Rom, Ryan Rosenberg, Shadow. 

Shaun Himmcrick, Carlos Pesina. Steve Ritchie I, Vincc Pnriurelli 

iZ 5 



SBauish - Barona Eugenlo, Serrano Salvador, Sanmillan Ana. Teixeir.i Jorge. SuireZ Enrique. Tcna 

Pedro, Sairrz Marta, Hernandez Fernando, Rubio Tomas. B.iscones Rais t> Gamir Javier 

French - Anne Rochant, Antoine Tome. Christophe Lemoine, Gerard ll.-ssallcs. Marc Alios. 

Leminoux. Patrice Mcliencc, Patrick Borg. Pierre Testier. Sere..- Hiirict. Susan Slndbcrg, Svlvain 

Lemaric. rhierry K.iza/i.m is Tony Jouilricr 

llajjaj} - Alberto Olivcro Pomero. Andrea Dc Nisco, Antonio PaioU Barbara Fcdcrico, Ciro Imnjrat.. 

Claudlo Ridollo. Gianni Gaude. Uiigi Rosa, Marco BorzarotU, Marco PagwiJ. Massimo ni Ren, 

Ren.ita Bcrtoias. Riecardo Rovattl b Roger M.intov.ini Spa! 

(..crrnarj Achim Barrqstcin. Christian lungwirthi Christian Wewerka; Frank Cia2ynskl, Sans Petri 

Gastiger, Joachim Pneiz. Kurt Spieimann, Nick Benjamin. Renatc Wiike. Renicr B.iakcn, Roll' Idler, 

Slcffcn Borniel, Slepliane Biitoun b Sylvia Held 

MsHiPJLCaju ''-.■ 1,1'cnt 

■ Pesina, John Vogel, Paul Iruemnti izqucz. Shaun Himmerick, 

Jim Gentile. Pek Pongp.,ct. Kevin Myers r, lenno Mitchell Dcl.uca 

P^QdjiCJion lle.clopiiKii: QJiKOfel -.ATI 
Martin Mmphy 

Quality Assurance - San Diego 

niicuoi oi q \ 

I'.iul Slciugold 


o \ Manager 



■ vl I'roilim An.ilv.lj 
Eric Chow &• Ron Safle/j 

T echnical S tandard. An. ■!.■.!. 

Ray Mitchell. Matthew Staples b Jaied Hamilcr 


Jell, Elisco Martinez. Adrian Ntttrcr. t u. 

Salcem Crawlord, Mike Igujco, Roger AgOlljl & Petei 

Quality Assurance - Chicago 


Jacob Bi 
LsaAJaaduq Analyst, 

Prodml An 
n CorigVune, Andy Hernandez, Chris McFaddcn. Dave Bulvan. Greg Ram, lohn i in/. 1. 1 vs. .11 
Smith. Reggie Banks. Richard Vnis, Rob Uthan & Tim Walla 


6 Eroducuon Creative Services. Sart Diego. 1 \ 

David Zuckcr. Matt Bo.i|y & Mark Itcaiininni 

Chlrayo studio Hrad 

Sc<it Bay less 

Steve Allison. Mon.i Hamilton. Reilly Brennan. Tim D.iRos.i. Tom M . ..I. s. 

^Jy Mid way_Lva>aJ 

Debbie Fulion, Michael Burke. Cory Halpem. Robert Gustafson & Christine Kins 

v> cjreativejvi . 

Rigo Cones < lins Skrundz. BetliAnn Smukowski, lamic Vogel, < hrtsta Woss 

Michael Crawlord. Jack O'Neill. L-irry 

Additional Thanks 

Michael Gouiieb. Steve Crane. Sal Drvita. Debbie Austin. Elvis, the MK Super Players Adam 

Hernandez and Eddie fuzzy Getdcs, MustSphrr; lames Stiefelmaler, r,.Imo! Rouse '■ Nelll Gluey 

We would also like to thank our iriends and family who put up with the 
many late nights and weekends. Tell your friends. 

International Coordination 

Mark s|ik-,.. Mike Egllogton. Mall 
Phil Robinson. Joanna Hammond &■ Chris Giggins 





MIDWAY HOME ENTERTAINMENT INC. warrants to the original purchaser of this 
Midway Home Entertainment Inc. software product that the medium on which this 
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a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. This Midway Home 
Entertainment Inc. software program is sold "as is," without express or implied wai 
ranty damages of any kind, and Midway Home Entertainment Inc. is not h; 
losses or damages of any kind resulting from the use of this program, Midway Home 
Entertainment Inc. agrees for a period of ninety (90) days to either repair cm 
its option, free of charge, any Midway Home Entertainment Inc. softwi 
postage paid, with proof of purchase, at its Factory Service Center. 


This warranty is not applicable to normal wear and tear. This warranty Shall n 
applicable and shall be void if the defect in the Midway Home Entertainment Inc SOfl 
ware product has arisen through abuse, unreasonable use, mistreatment or neglect. 

Some states do not allow limitations as to how long an implied warranty 
exclusions or limitations of incidental or consequential damages so the above limits 
tions and/or exclusions of liability may not apply to you. This warranty gives yon 
cific rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to st 


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